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I have SOMETHING to say!

Welcome to “I have SOMETHING to say,” where subject matter experts are unafraid and unapologetic about sharing their perspectives regarding issues that impact our lives. They speak up because they give a shit. If you’re tired of canned answers and want to FINALLY hear real people cut through the B.S. and talk about real issues, this podcast is for you.

Oct 7, 2021

There is so much talk about authenticity and encouraging each other to “show up” as our full selves, but it’s easier said than done. In this episode of I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY my colleague and sister Xaulanda Simmonds-Emmanuel and I reflect together on the questions she posed during a recent presentation entitled “The Masks We Wear”. People walk around assuming a variety of roles and unfortunately being labeled constantly – societal and psychological stressors – causing us to have to code-switch all day long. Some definitely more than others. One word: EXHAUSTING. But when we start pulling away all those masks we wear to guard ourselves, present ourselves in a certain way, or meet the expectations of others, are we really able to “show up” authentically? Are we ever truly without wearing some type of mask when in the presence of others?  These are the things that make us go “hmmm”. Listen in and share your opinion…we don’t have all the answers.