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I have SOMETHING to say!

Welcome to “I have SOMETHING to say,” where subject matter experts are unafraid and unapologetic about sharing their perspectives regarding issues that impact our lives. They speak up because they give a shit. If you’re tired of canned answers and want to FINALLY hear real people cut through the B.S. and talk about real issues, this podcast is for you.

Aug 27, 2020

“In order to achieve your long-term goals, you need to first learn how to WIN THE DAY.” This is the gem that former NFL player turned entrepreneur Keith Hunter dropped in a chat box during a recent LIVE online event, and we just HAD TO learn more. In this episode of “I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY”, Keith shares how he naturally segued from being an athlete into becoming a college football coach, pro golf instructor, book author, public speaker, and business owner. He explains that excelling in sports taught him valuable lessons that are applicable to life and business situations. However, the key challenges to overcome are staying focused, being attentive to emerging opportunities, and tackling each day with success, while keeping your eye on the big picture, in order to finish strong. For example, Keith noticed that young girls and women were being overlooked in golf. So, he opened his clinics to students as young as four years old and developed a program, supported by corporate sponsorships, that enabled young girls to learn golf…and his business to flourish!