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I have SOMETHING to say!

Welcome to “I have SOMETHING to say,” where subject matter experts are unafraid and unapologetic about sharing their perspectives regarding issues that impact our lives. They speak up because they give a shit. If you’re tired of canned answers and want to FINALLY hear real people cut through the B.S. and talk about real issues, this podcast is for you.

Apr 1, 2021

“I don’t know if other people who teach entrepreneurial programs would describe their programs as magical experiences, but I do,” says Blanca Catalina García in this episode of I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY. We discuss how she went from being an interpreter and educator helping Spanish speakers navigate information and spaces that could help them succeed, to launching her own business teaching entrepreneurs of color how to access opportunities, resources, mentorship, and capital to scale their businesses. She explains that she works mostly with entrepreneurs who identify as women of color because they struggle the most to find the right support to grow their businesses, while they are also entering entrepreneurship at the highest rates. Blanca’s determined to help BIPOC women entrepreneurs in all stages – from ideation to maturity – to show up in their FULL POWER. She adds that many of the businesses created by women of color stem from solving a problem rooted in their lived experiences and that all too often they are asked to shrink and conform to be able to be accepted in spaces where they have been told they don’t belong.