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I have SOMETHING to say!

Welcome to “I have SOMETHING to say,” where subject matter experts are unafraid and unapologetic about sharing their perspectives regarding issues that impact our lives. They speak up because they give a shit. If you’re tired of canned answers and want to FINALLY hear real people cut through the B.S. and talk about real issues, this podcast is for you.

Apr 15, 2021

“We need to start working on ‘human being’ as opposed to ‘human doing’”, says Carole Burton, Principal of Radiance Resources in this episode of I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY. “The systems are failing because they no longer serve us! That’s what’s happening and it’s impacting everyone”. She elaborates on how ‘human doing’ is about competing which leads to the scarcity mindset, while ‘human being’ is about sharing and having an abundance mindset. “People are so focused on getting an apple and holding on to that one apple, and I say, you need to let go of that apple so you can see the orchard that surrounds you”, Carole offers. She also encourages people to start exercising vulnerable and committed leadership, allowing leaders to say: I DON’T KNOW ALL THE ANSWERS, I NEED HELP. “When you let go of that apple, to me, that’s where equity lies”, she adds. “Equity in its essence about being fair and impartial. And when we have equity we move from an opt-in choice to an opt-in commitment to true change for ourselves and everyone around us – and that’s where abundance hangs out.”