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I have SOMETHING to say!

Welcome to “I have SOMETHING to say,” where subject matter experts are unafraid and unapologetic about sharing their perspectives regarding issues that impact our lives. They speak up because they give a shit. If you’re tired of canned answers and want to FINALLY hear real people cut through the B.S. and talk about real issues, this podcast is for you.

Jan 8, 2021

After the desecration of our nation’s Capital, I received a text from my dear friend, inventor, social entrepreneur, and economic futurist Joel Hodroff, prompting me to postpone our scheduled episode of I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY to talk disruption with him, but another kind of disruption. In his text, he posed and answered a question: How do we address the fear and polarization caused by recent events in Washington and other violent events that many people consider important actions on behalf of their issues? The abbreviated solution: a major shift in what we place value on so we can transcend inherited paradigms that put simply, don’t work (and never did).